Quorsus was founded upon an outcomes-centered client proposition.
We take the time to understand the client environment and establish aligned incentives.
We develop informed, ambitious and achievable goals and work collaboratively to ensure the delivery of meaningful, lasting results. Now part of Capgemini’s Financial Services Strategic Business Unit, we deliver even greater value for our clients, benefitting from the Group’s global scale and breadth of services.

Who we are

Part of Capgemini’s Financial Services Strategic Business Unit since October 2022, Quorsus provides strategic consultancy services to financial institutions facing a range of challenges and constraints across the regulatory landscape. We offer unparalleled expertise in post-trade technologies, operations, and market infrastructure, helping our clients to achieve their goals through intelligent reengineering of platforms and process.

Our purpose

Rule 1: The outcome is everything. Our clients rely on us for the delivery of outstanding results, whatever the objective, from addressing entrenched cost issues to delivering robust regulatory reporting solutions. It is also the foundation of our business model. Our fees are tied to tangible outcomes which ensures a stable, long-term partnership of mutual interest.

Your opportunity

While the past decade has seen a fundamental shift towards safety in post-trade services, regulation should never be a barrier to growth. We enable our clients to tap wider opportunities for collaboration, standardisation, mutualisation and the creation of global benchmarks that yield maximum market efficiencies.

What Makes Us Different?

Trust matters. It’s the single-most important ingredient in our workplace culture. Whatever your background, gender or age, we provide an open and fair environment where individuals can shine and teams can share their talents, supported by personalised mentorship and training.

Trust also informs every level of the client relationship. By creating a culture that encourages creative problem solving and honest feedback we help you, and your people, achieve their potential.

We believe in the power of practical experience. It grounds our knowledge in the day-to-day operations of the industry. This means our people avoid becoming abstracted from the fundamental processes involved in financial services, and can spot opportunities for progress, identify risks, and create solutions.

This counts more than ever at a time when institutions are under pressure to deliver value to society, the economy and individual citizens. At Quorsus, we believe in the ability of our company to be a force for positive change, and we nurture these values wherever our business takes us.


There’s more to this than a detailed understanding of regulations and protocols. Over the past 20 years, we have been involved in the delivery of every major market initiative within the derivatives post trade landscape. Just ask the counterparties, clearing houses, custodians, vendors, dealers and brokers with whom we have partnered over the years.

From board room to back office, we have first-hand experience at every stage of the post-trade lifecycle, enabling our clients to reduce costs, comply with regulation and outperform the competition.

While never losing sight of the end destination, we understand the importance of breaking down your goals into concrete, manageable milestones. Every member of the project team can then focus on each stage of the business journey and deliver outcomes that elevate your business.



The world has changed, and so have financial services. From regulatory compliance, to artificial intelligence and cybercrime, our industry is being shaped by forces that shift on an almost daily basis.

As the context changes, so must consultancy. While bringing to bear decades of financial sector experience, we embrace the need for positive change in the banking industry, adapting for client, project and outcome.

Unconstrained by traditional hierarchies, we harness independent thinking and practical know-how to detect avenues for improvement and overcome problems others overlook. Above all, we enable our clients to negotiate the new realities of capital markets, while increasing efficiency, and reducing risk and cost.

What We Do


We assess, quantify, and clarify your business challenge. Based on our industry knowledge and practical expertise we identify the origins of the issue, identify opportunities, and then present these findings in a language and context appropriate for all stakeholders. This encourages consensus and drives the project forward.


Having articulated the challenge, we bring together the people and skills best equipped to design a solution efficiently and effectively, making use of prototyping and client engagement techniques. Our decades of combined experience enable us to assess industry issues, while innovative thinking roots out opportunities for market collaboration and the alignment of diverse interests.


We understand the pressures facing your business and the need to execute efficiently and at speed. At every step, we tailor our approach to these unique requirements. Alongside the short-term delivery of benefits, our flexible methodologies combined with a commitment to quality guarantee a sustainable  pathway for long-term growth. Over time, we transfer practical and enduring skills that secure your full business potential and a successful future.

Our Team