Entering the Finance World

Amber Needham tells of the challenges of entering a world of consulting in central London and the support she received from her first day in the office.

Stepping into the City of London and starting a career in the financial space probably feels about as exciting and unpredictable as travelling on the Hogwarts Express for the first time.  In my case, I quite possibly had more knowledge of Witchcraft and Wizardry than I did finance, having very recently graduated with a Law Degree and being an avid Harry Potter fan.   

It is astounding how quickly you pick things up though, whether that be a deeper understanding of the complexities and functionalities of the financial markets or simply finding the words to account for the acronyms you have heard countless times and shied away from. 

I have quickly found my feet due to the sheer inclusivity and day one exposure to the industry I have been given.  On my second day at the office I attended a meeting with one of our biggest clients and have had almost daily client meetings from then onwards where I have been supported to give input and ask questions throughout.  There is no better way to learn than this.  Quorsus has valued my input, as well as my individual learning experience preceding even starting my role; I was learning about the new SFTR regulation and asked to give feedback on our internal website before my first day in the office.   

This type of transparent and supporting workplace has made it exciting, as opposed to nerve-wracking, entering the industry.  The only difficulties I face are perhaps being less knowledgeable and experienced than my colleagues and the wider industry.  However, this knowledge is always attainable as being pro-active, asking questions and learning is encouraged to the utmost. 

As long as you have a smart (possibly leather bound) notebook, a trustworthy pen and most importantly an encouraging and supportive team behind you, starting a career in finance will be not only an excellent learning opportunity but also the foundation to a successful and fulfilling career.