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Jeff has spent over 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry and has spent his career building and scaling up businesses, particularly in the financial technology space. Starting at Ernst & Young where he led the financial management consulting team for financial services for eight years, he went on to serve as Managing Director at Morgan Stanley for 10 years.

Following this, he spent nine years as an Executive Committee member at Markit, including serving as CEO and Chairman of MarkitSERV and most recently as Group CFO before retiring. He has joined Quorsus as a Non-Executive Director to assist with governance and input into the strategic direction of the firm as it grows.

He is passionate about wine, cheese and travelling and, now that he has retired, spends a lot of time watching rugby and cricket with friends.

One Piece of Advice: “Risk getting fired for something you DID do rather than for something you DIDN’T do!”


Managing Partner

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Programme Management

Capital Markets

Kieran has more than 25 years experience working with investment banks, and other major financial services firms, to deliver large scale global transformation initiatives.

He has extensive expertise building and leading large, high performing consultancy and programme teams, and successfully developing innovative solutions to complex industry challenges.

Kieran’s experience includes operational and technology transformation, operating model design, regulatory change, front to back process improvement, client outreach and onboarding, post merger integration and programme management.

He is passionate about problem solving and people development. As an engineer at heart, he loves tackling complex problems and delivering practical, sustainable solutions. Providing the opportunities, training, support, tools and the inclusive environment to help people realise their potential is something that is extremely important to him.

One Piece of Advice: “Always keep looking for opportunities to challenge yourself. Developing new ideas, taking on stretching roles, seeking out different perspectives and constantly learning, are all very important in work and life in general.”


Managing Partner

Business Consulting


Post Trade Services

Ryan has over 15 years’ worth of experience working in Financial Services with various clients from major financial institutions and market infrastructure providers to technology vendors and industry associations.

Having worked with multiple market participants, Ryan has extensive knowledge across the financial market ecosystem, alongside his deep subject matter knowledge of the post trade lifecycle, regulatory reporting and market infrastructure landscape. Ryan has been involved in some of the most transformative market-wide programmes that we have seen in the post trade derivatives ecosystem.

He is passionate about creativity and results. He believes in a consulting experience that values and prioritises client success. This is not possible without an environment that promotes talent development and emphasises the importance of transparency. By approaching a problem creatively, and with a hands-on technique, he believes Quorsus can reach the optimum outcome for our clients, helping them achieve their overarching business goals

One Piece of Advice: “In such a dynamic industry, it is important to accept that you can’t know everything, and you really shouldn’t even try. But what you can do is endeavour to learn. Never stop asking questions of those you are working with and always ask their advice. If you’re constantly open to new ideas, you’ll find value in every conversation.”


Managing Partner

Relationship Management

Post Trade Services

Business Consulting

For the first decade of his career Simon worked in some of the most recognized financial institutions, following which he has spent the last 20+ years working within consulting and business development.
Simon has partnered with market infrastructure providers on various projects over the past few decades and has an extensive understanding of the ecosystem’s various products and services. Throughout his career Simon has worked with clients across the industry ecosystem and utilizes his extensive network across the industry landscape to help individual clients and the ecosystem as a whole develop and optimize transformative solutions.

Aside from classic cars and motorbikes, one of his passions is helping people develop from the start of their career, and enabling them to take ownership of initiatives.

One Piece of Advice: “Don’t try to be the smartest person in the room. Recognising your knowledge gaps, and getting a diversity of opinions means that whatever you are working on will be better for it.