Quorsus Workshops

Following the success of our previous Virtual workshop, we at Quorsus have scheduled another two focussing on Meaningful Work and Remote Working.
The sessions are aimed at supporting our team as we continue to work from home, and try and find ways in which we can all collaborate more effectively, and operate with transparency, openness and honesty despite not being in close proximity.

Our ‘Remote Working Workshop’ will centre around the way we currently work, and ways in which we all think we can improve it. Utilising Microsoft Miro and other collaborative technologies, we are going to try to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our current structure. Through an open dialogue about ways in which we all think we could improve the way we work together, in addition to highlighting what we all think we have done well so far.

We are also delighted to announce Dr Todd Mei (https://www.philosophy2u.com/), Professor of philosophy at the University of Kent, will be holding a ‘Meaningful Work’ Session. An experienced public speaker and blogger of philosophy, Dr Mei has over 10 years of experience on advising organisations of all sizes and from a range of sectors. Using roundtable discussions, our team are going to engage in critical thinking and creative problem solving as we discuss how we feel about our work at Quorsus. Our values are so important to the way we work, and so open conversations such as these will help embed them even further into our day-to-day activities, and allow even greater ownership of our collective success.

At Quorsus, we cherish the variety of experiences and backgrounds we all bring to the table. By engaging in open and honest discussions like these, we hope to further enhance the unity and spirit that we have been able to build so far and optimise our working lives.