Management Consultant | Quorsus Founder
Who I am – Management Consultant | Quorsus Founder

By trade I am a management consultant, specialising in Financial Services. Centring around Technology and Operations capabilities in Derivatives and Securities markets, I have particular proficiency in market infrastructure and market initiatives. My experience of over a decade and a half in the industry has seen me deliver products across the globe. Previously leading Market Infrastructure at Sapient, I was then able to harness my years of practical expertise into the company base60 Consulting, which I was a co-founder of.

What I’ve done – Business Strategy | Global Market Infrastructure

I began my career in Financial Services working for multiple major dealers in a variety of operations and analyst roles. My dedication saw me progress and climb the ranks to project and programme management. Recently, much of the work I have been involved in has required me to think about and create complex, large-scale industry transformation initiatives. From this I have been able to produce or refine major market infrastructure capabilities that have increased efficiency and improved outputs in a sizeable way, helping transform the market landscape.

What I care about – Creativity | Results

I believe in a consulting experience that values and prioritises client success. This is not possible without an environment that promotes talent development and emphasises the importance of transparency. By approaching a problem creatively, and with a hands-on technique, I know we can reach the optimum outcome for our clients, helping them achieve their overarching business goals.