Client Partner | Quorsus Founder
Who I am – Client Partner | Quorsus Founder

The majority of my career has been client-focused, centred around creating a network of influential people in the Financial Services industry. My working life centres on relationship management and connecting the right people in order to achieve optimal business outcomes. Linking organisations and clients globally, I navigate the market nuances, realise the areas for demand, and then push forward these avenues of opportunity. My client-oriented role enables me to drive growth in market-gaps that others may overlook. The dynamic environment of financial institutions and market infrastructure providers offers opportunities for development and avenues for growth. Whether this takes the form of reducing cost, improving efficiency, or big-picture industry innovation, I combine my practical experience with a common-sense approach. Along with Ryan, I was a co-founder of base60 consulting.

What I’ve done – Engagement | Financial Markets

I have an engineering background before moving into financial services. Through the years I have started a number of consulting firms, mainly working in a change capacity for technology, operations, project management and corporate strategy. Working with Ryan for 13 years has seen us pioneer some of the most exciting industry-transformative projects and programmes. The key thread throughout my career has been taking time to get to know people. I have been fortunate enough to make friends both with my colleagues and clients which enables me to better understand people’s needs and capabilities. My close relationships allow our firm to compose the best teams possible for a variety of projects, and deliver outcomes of a consistently high quality.

What I care about – People | Clients

I deeply value an organisation that places emphasis on its people development and the desire to do the right thing for its clients. We are a people-based business and we want all our people to thrive in a way that directly translates to our clients’ experience of working with us. I would like everyone to be proud of working at Quorsus. I firmly believe that by bringing the right people together and working as a team, we can share in the success of the business, building relationships that everyone values and enjoys.