Acting with integrity, delivering quality and always focused on successful outcomes for our clients

At Quorsus, we are dedicated to helping our clients. From financial institutions through to central market utilities, the work we do is at the heart of their success. We have extensive experience in the financial markets industry, and strong relationships with some of the most important actors. Through our consulting service capabilities we help organisations progress on opportunities, delivering value and ensuring success.

We help them with the increasing regulatory requirements, driving market solutions that help bring cost efficiencies and controls, and give practical solutions to impractical problems. In an environment that is ever-changing, we give our clients the support they need to be effective today, and grow tomorrow.

Across all consulting disciplines, from every perspective, Quorsus is able to draw on a shared knowledge and experience from a diverse array of backgrounds. This means we explore every aspect of the project environment, increasing the level of certainty of our clients achieving their goals.

Now, as part of Capgemini’s Financial Services Strategic Business Unit, we ensure our clients can meet both their strategic digital transformation and regulatory driven change requirements and deliver even greater value for them on a greater scale.