Baking in the right values from the start.

Carolyn Van den Daelen, managing partner and chief of staff at capital markets consultancy Quorsus, discusses how to best build an inclusive culture, ensuring the right values are set in place right from the start.

When we started Quorsus, a financial services consultancy, at the beginning of last year, high on the list of priorities was making sure we didn’t propagate the negative traits associated with the financial services industry.

We were all familiar with the statistics – one example being that in 2021 there are less than 30% of women in fintech, and less than 5% of them are CEOs. Thus, it was vital that Quorsus took steps to ensure we were not part of the problem.

For many established firms, these issues are obviously much harder to unpick and make right, as they are deeply embedded and often chalked up to being institutional in nature. So, realising the gift we had with an entirely fresh slate, and keen to avoid the conscious and unconscious biases we hear about all too often and unfortunately, in some cases experienced first-hand, we were quick to build a positive inclusive work environment immediately.

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