Consulting isn’t solely about Client Engagements

At Quorsus we are successfully developing a culture of true collaboration.  This is demonstrated when we look at our Internal Initiatives programme, and what is being achieved within it. We have a strong sense of pride and confidence in our abilities, and we are keen to improve the Business from within through our passionate consultants that love to solve problems.

Internal Initiatives when taken seriously offer a wide range of benefits, not just to the firm but also to the individual. This is how do we run it:

Firstly, we have a sound structure.  Our programme is sectioned in to workstreams that manage individual projects that will generate benefit in similar areas. This is also aimed at providing visibility of projects for people, so it is easy to chose what to be involved in.

Our internal Initiatives programme is all-encompassing, with project suggestions received from every level within the business.  We have built the programme from humble beginnings into something that fully embraces the values of Quorsus. We are delivering high-quality outputs that are meaningful to the firm, which often require a degree of tenacity when balancing the requirements of initiatives with the challenge of client engagements.

The beauty of the programme is that it provides a ‘safe’ environment within which to learn and experiment, providing less experienced members an opportunity to undertake tasks and roles that can give vital knowledge and insight into how to deliver a client facing piece of work.  Additionally, it is an ideal opportunity for our more experienced team members to innovate and seek to deliver enhanced ways of working to further drive our quest for efficient and top-quality work. You can be a Regulatory SME who spends some of your time creating CSR strategy or a Business Analyst who loves social media and drives Marketing initiatives.  It’s an open space for people to lead and contribute to initiatives that are often miles away from their day-to-day jobs.

No subject is beyond consideration.  Multiple workstreams have been structured to ensure that projects are provided with the support and guidance that is appropriate – there are currently some 27 individual projects ranging from key technical delivery projects that will deliver enhanced tooling and capabilities for ongoing engagements, to projects that aim to enhance our working lives together, learning projects to enhance our skills and knowledge and  charity and environmental considerations, driving our positive impact on communities outside of Quorsus.

Some real life examples of deliverables from 2021 include the initiation of Project for the Web, which is in broad and successful use across the firm and continues to be iterated upon as our experience of it evolves.  Our learning and development materials have been structured in a way that has great accessibility for the whole firm, our graduate programme is fully up and running, our people, social and CSR workstream has delivered multiple charitable successes and designed a new Benefits offering.

As Quorsus grows and our culture continues to evolve, we intend to continue to hire people that will actively embrace the concepts and values that the Internal Initiatives programme represents. Everyone in the firm is very much encouraged to be part of or, indeed manage, a project that will help them to get the most out of their careers. The programme provides equal opportunities for everyone in the firm to get involved and help to grow and shape the Business while having a platform to learn and grow. It’s a truly win-win set up that we continue to embrace. If you want to hear more, reach out!