Technologist | Quorsus Founder
Who I am – Technologist | Quorsus Founder

I am a technologist with over 30 years’ experience in Financial Services. My work has centred on the derivatives and FX markets, although I have also managed teams who have built and supported securities products. I have hands on experience of building and running platforms supporting everyphase of the business process: from pricing and risk management through to settlement, accounting and regulatory reporting. I have run teams with responsibility for global systems supporting systemically important financial institutions.

What I’ve done – Technology Strategy | Financial Services

I began my career during the formative years of the derivatives markets, and spent several years building some of the first pricing and risk management platforms for those products. As volumes began to overrun the, mainly manual, post trade processes I moved into the design and build of settlement, confirmation, accounting and regulatory reporting systems. More recently I’ve held roles with broad responsibility for post trade technologies within banks, delivering significant cost savings through strategic reengineering of platforms and process. Alongside this I have taken prominent roles in industry initiatives representing both banks and Financial Market Infrastructure organisations.

What I care about – Architecture | Results

I believe in a consulting experience that not only values short term delivery of benefits but that lays in place a sustainable pathway towards a better future for our clients. My background of responsibility for the day to day running of technology for large organisations ensures that I keep a focus on achievable delivery, with tangible benefits whilst implementing strategic change. I firmly believe that this can only be achieved in a working environment of complete transparency and trust that harnesses the creativity and capabilities of everyone involved.